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I've watched this movie 3 times in the last 24 hours (DVR Gods, thank you!), and I think this one quote sums it up best...

"There's definitely something magically arousing about a transvestite Jew that breaks into song while admiring plates at a dinner party."

MAJOR LOLZ.  Like, seriously.  xD

The movie got mixed reviews when it came out, but I think Babs did an EXCELLENT job on it, especially considering it was her first time directing.  I always love her acting and her singing (Who has 970-some Barbra songs on her iPod?  Yeah, that's me.), so I don't even need to discuss how amazing she was in THOSE aspects, though I do have to say...a woman in her 40's playing a young man...she pulled it off hardcore.  I think it's also interesting that she did the screenplay.  Yentl was obviously her pet project (considering it took her 15 years to do it!) and it showed with how well it was done (IMO obviously). 

On the other hand...
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY COULDN'T AVIGDOR HAVE STOPPED BEING SO PIG-HEADED ABOUT HER LEARNING?!  They COULD have gotten married and had little babies if he wasn't so close-minded and would have attempted to challenge social norms just a LITTLE bit!  They COULD have had it ALL!  Argh!  Fricken Hadass.  Fricken Avigdor.  Fricken A, man!  *Sigh*  End rant.

...I now need to go out and buy the two-disc extended edition director's cut.  Hee.  xD


You know...I don't get it.  I already graduated from high school and yet I'm still stuck in the sort of drama that is prevalent there.

As pretty much all of my RL friends know, I met

cateyes8588(Ren) on the House Forum last...mmm April or May.  We started emailing, IMing, talking on the phone, and finally, webcamming hardcore.  Well, now, 12 days from when I'm flying out to meet her, all this shit is just starting up.

On MSN IM, I started a convo with her, my best friend [info]hawkas18 (Ash), and Kaiwi (a friend from H.S.).  Ren and Ash decided to start their own convo and proceeded to tell each other what they got me for x-mas (which I won't be getting until next month).  I knew about this convo because I was on webcam with Ren.  Well, in our main convo, I kept trying to get them to spill, but then in a side one, I talked to Ash saying I already knew what she got me.  So, Ash didn't believe Ren when Ren said she didn't tell me and Ash copied and pasted all of their convo into our side one.  Thus, I not only saw what Ash got me, but what Ren got me as well.

So yeah, I ruined the surprise for me...but I HONESTLY didn't expect Ash to believe me.  I mean, I never even told her the item that I "knew" she had gotten me, even though she asked.  But yeah, I had read one of the things Ren got me before I just stopped reading...since I didn't REALLY want to know...even though she had been teasing me for months.  Anyway, Ren got mad because the surprise was ruined and Ash got upset because she didn't want Ren to be mad at her...yadda, yadda, yadda.

Now, when I thought everything was finally smoothed over, this is being brought up again.  I already handled this once and don't feel like dealing with it again.  It doesn't bother ME and there's no taking it back, so WHY talk about it?  Honestly.  It's like this back and forth roundabout shit that I left behind in high school.  

Maybe I should just become a recluse...you know, one of those ladies with a million cats.  Hm...I'm not old enough to be your stereotypical cat lady though.  Oh well.



So, okay, it's 2:30 in the morning...and I just got done typing up notes for my Psychology test tomorrow.  I thought it'd be faster than writing, but it still took my FIVE hours.  Damn.  Serioulsy.  WHY do we have to do so many chapters at one time?!  It's gets soooo hard not to jumble everything up! 

Anyway, what else...I'm gone next week to Vegas, so for my group project in Soc, which is due that week, we had planned on going early.  NOT HAPPENING.  I put the whole freaking paper together and even had to completely rewrite one person's shit and they STILL don't have the decency to send me their sources even though I have asked FOUR times.  Two of my groupies took on the powerpoint, but there's no way it's going to be done so we can go on either Wednesday or Friday.  I can put one of those suckers together in a few hours, but hey, whatever; I just won't be there when we present.  Basically, part of my grade is relying on them, and I don't like things to be out of my hands like that. 

This weekend, the total tally is TWO complete papers and studying for TWO tests tomorrow.  We won't even THINK about the test I'm going to have to take on Friday since I won't be in class next Tuesday.  For that matter, I won't think about a lot of things.  All it does is stress me out.  This is the second time in this semester that I've gotten so stressed that I simply cannot eat.  The mere thought of food gets nauseating.  

*Sigh*  I just need to think of the joys of next week.  Vegas...(for work)...but one day at the spa and shopping and...ooooh, I totally won myself over with the shopping part.  When I get back, I'll have a few days of testing (not too stressful) before I'm on break.

Speaking of break, I'm flying out to see cateyes8588 for SIX whole days and I am PSYCHED.  ILU!!  :D

On that uppity note, I'm finally going to get ready for bed.  Early class tomorrow.


TI'm still spazzing over all teh Lisa and all the fucking Huddy in last night's episode (Ugly).  I...I can't even like, THINK coherently.  


...I still seriously need to pimp my lj.  Damn.


Popping the cherry

Yes, I've officially popped my livejournal cherry. XD LOL. If you're reading this...*looks around shadily*...STALKER! No, but really. I need to figure this site out instead of just randomly perusing it for fandomness. So, I'm posting. Next, I'm going to work with this whole layout thing. We'll see how that goes...